What To Look For In Student Accommodation Winchester

What To Look For In Student Accommodation Winchester

Winchester University benefits from plenty of great choices when it comes to accommodation. The city centre is home to thousands of students from all across the world, each one finding their place in this historic part of Hampshire. When moving to university, there are plenty of aspects that go into choosing where to live, like how far you’ll have to travel, the costs involved, and the actual experience of living there. We’re going to dive into what makes a great home away from home while studying, and how it can affect the uni experience.

The area can be the make or break for any student. Whether you want to be in the middle of it all, or have the luxury of escaping the hustle and bustle to your own personal paradise, it’s important to get it right. Another thing to keep in mind is how far you have to travel to get to uni. It’s easy to think being further out will give you your own space, but when your alarm goes off at 8:55am and it is a 30-minute bus ride, you might find yourself wishing you were closer. The final thing that really easy to forget is doing the food shopping. If you’re the type that sees carrying heavy shopping bags as a workout, then good for you, but when it’s raining and you’re hungry, the option should be clear.

The room can have a huge impact on how you feel. Whether you’re the party room or need a cosy hideaway, it’s really important to understand the type of space you can get comfortable in. It may sound like the lux option, but an en-suite is always the way to go. No fighting about who needs the shower first, or awkward dashes for the loo after someone else, or worse, cleaning. You should also think about the work you’re doing. Somewhere relaxing and free of distractions is definitely a must.

The last thing worth thinking about is the amenities. Do you want to go to the gym often? What about internet connection? Somewhere to do the laundry? Maybe even Netflix? It’s great to have a list ready of what you want when you start looking. When you’ve decided on what you want from your future home, take a look at Unilife’s Sparkford House. It’s guaranteed to suit everyone’s needs, offering perfectly formed studio apartments 30 seconds from the university with every amenity you can dream of, including free Netflix and a state-of-the-art gym. Sparkford House is ready to be your home away from home, wherever you come from.

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