Improve Your Study Technique At University With Cannabis

Improve Your Study Technique At University With Cannabis

Cannabis in the past was often associated with teenage layabouts who do very little, but certain marijuana strains have been found to increase focus, which enables students to improve the quality of their study. We would recommend selecting a Sativa, which is known to increase energy, productivity and alertness, compared to an Indica, which tends to induce feelings of lethargy and tiredness.

What Strains Should You Select?


Cinex is a great strain when a simple mug of coffee won’t cut it. Users of Cinex say that it increases creativity and improves happiness, which is great for maintaining focus. The Sativa properties of Cinex make tasks which normally would be quite difficult to remain focussed on a lot easier to complete. We would recommend selecting another strain if you often have feelings of anxiety, as it can negatively affect your mental state if you struggle with this area.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a popular favorite for studying. The strain itself is often used in the treatment of ADD and ADHD. Users report that it can shine some positivity on tasks which could be quite difficult to remain focussed on if it weren’t for Sour Diesel. The euphoric effect of Sour Diesel allows your mind to remain lucid, but we’d recommend you control your dosing to ensure that it doesn’t have the opposite effect of decreasing your focus.

Green Crack

Don’t let the name of this strain put you off. Users of Green Crack are fans of the intense stimulating effect that the strain can provide, making it ideal for study. Other effects which are noted to happen when you use Green Crack are that it sharpens the senses to make you feel more alert, and the citrusy taste of the strain is very tasty! As with Sour Diesel, ensure you control your dosage to ensure you are maximizing the effect.

True OG

For many studiers, the way they can study better is when their brain begins to slow down, rather than speeding it up. If you are looking for this sort of effect, then we would recommend thisIndica strain True OG. Users have reported that the strain can reduce stress and shut out any distractions allowing you to focus on the task at hand.


As the name suggests, Harle-Tsu is a cross between Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. This particular strain is characterized by a high concentration of CBD, with little to no THC. The effect of this strain is to lift you into a clear-headed state of relaxation, allowing you to focus on your studies.

If you need some advice on what strain to select, we’d recommend that you discuss this with your local dispensary. You can locate your nearest dispensary using the dispensaries near me tool.

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