Rewind Your Memories Of School Days with Fountain Pens

Rewind Your Memories Of School Days with Fountain Pens

Now, when we think of the fountain pen we certainly get nostalgic as it was the first kind of pen that we were allowed to use in the schools. There are different memories attached to the pen and also it has been the witness of different events. We have passed the examination; we have written letters to friends and had done numerous activities with the use of the pen. It has played a great role in the school life and still when we make use of the fountain pen we get back to the memories of the school days.


Characteristics of the Fountain Pen

When you look at the tip of the fountain pen you will be moving back to the era of the 10th century where people used to write with feathers and needed to dip them in ink every time. You might have seen this in Harry Potter movies or some other period drama and the fountain pens are the modern version of the dip pen and it contains an internal pool of ink which needs to be refilled when gets finished.

The fountain pen is the only pen which can turn you into the person who will never be pleased with any other common pen. You will find that some of the parents prefer to buy this pen for their children. The only reason behind the success of the fountain pens lies in the smoothness of its design and the way in which the pen glides on the paper giving your writing a classy feel and style.

You will find that the fountain pens are designed keeping in mind the comfort and also ensure the sheer class and portrays the artistic creativity. The point of each pen will differ according to the design which determine the unique quality and give your writing a new direction.

You can come across different pen shops who are offering a variety of fountain pen. The price depends on the design and the brand and therefore you have the opportunity to choose the item based on the financial condition. Usually the more artistic pen will cost you more as it takes great knowledge and effort to manufacture it and adds a class to the pen. Of course you can find the vintage or the antique pen and the price will increase further because of its history.

You can also find pens that are more affordable and easy on pocket. The durability of the design and the quality determines the price. You will find different options of fountain pen within your budget in a stationary shop and even online these days. Fountain pen can also be given as a gift to your friend or loved one showing your appreciation to him as they are a sign of excellence and stature. So go ahead and find the best suitable fountain pen for yourself or for the person you admire the most.