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Playground Design

Playground Design

Playground design is an important aspect of a successful school. A well designed playground offers a safe and secure environment where children can play and learn while interacting socially with their peers. These are all essential to the healthy development of a child and they can be encouraged through effective playground design that incorporates safety features, outdoor classrooms, and play equipment.

Safety is vital to the children and critical to your school. Serious injuries are obviously devastating to children, parents, and to the school and they can be prevented in a lot of cases through the use of good quality play equipment and the installation of safety flooring. Rubber flooring and even synthetic grass substitutes can be used to provide children with a safe environment where they can play and develop.

Outdoor classrooms are a great option if your school is limited, in terms of the indoor area that you have, and you can choose from a great range of styles, designs, and classroom building types to offer the right environment for all concerned including teachers and pupils.

Playground equipment can include features like a trim trail, climbing frame, and a play tower. These are a great way to teach children to play together, interact with one another, socialise, while allowing them a safe environment to run around and burn off energy.

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