3 Children’s Testimonies!

3 Children’s Testimonies!

Sometimes, Mister Master Oh No is lucky enough to receive some feedback from the parents about his performance. However, occasionally, Master Oh No will receive some feedback not just from the parents, but from the children themselves! Master Oh No loves hearing what the birthday boy or girl thought of his show and antics; it always puts a big smile on his face to read just how happy the child is. Recently Master Oh No has been incredibly busy, but with more business comes more feedback! kidsHe has received three letters from children, and, after obtaining agreement from the child’s parents, has decided to post them here for your benefit!

Mister Master Oh No was the funniest clown I have ever seen. Normally my friend Jamie cries when he sees a clown but he did not cry when he saw Mister Master Oh No. I think he was a bit afraid but I told him that it would be okay and it was okay. Thank you Master Oh No for being okay because it would have been a rubbish birthday if Jamie cried again. I think you need to teach the clown we had at Sarah’s party not to be scary because no one liked Sarah’s party but everyone said they liked my party.

Owen, 8

Mister Master Oh No you were so funny at my party when you lost that bird and then it was in your hat I don’t know how you did that but I want to know how the bird got in there because it wasn’t there before. My dad says he doesn’t know how you did that but he said if we had a bird then he would find out because it was such a good trick. I’m going to ask my dad for a bird for Christmas. Thank you for coming to my party I hope you like my house and your bird liked my house I will see you when I am 7.

Stephanie, 6

Dear Mister Master Oh No I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for coming to my birthday party. I had the best time and I think it was definitely my best birthday I have ever had. I am going to learn how to breakdance now and make a balloon chair. My mum made me wash off my tiger face before I went to bed but she couldn’t wash off the scorpion tattoo and that is really good because I liked the scorpion tattoo the best. I am going to show everyone at school the scorpion tattoo and I know they will be impressed but I hope Ryan is ill because he has a dragon tattoo and I don’t want him to show his. Thank you Master Oh No I hope I see you soon!

Jake, 7

Master Oh No loves reading these letters, and he hopes they make you chuckle as much as he did. If you’ve recently booked Mister Master Oh No to perform at your child’s birthday party, please send us some feedback (good or bad!); we always love to hear from you. You could even see your child’s response in next month’s blog!

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