Why Join GST Certification Courses?

Why Join GST Certification Courses?

The number of students enrolling in the Commerce stream is seen to increase with each passing year. The reason is that there are numerous businesses as well as freelance opportunities including jobs that can be applied for after successful completion of Class 12 in Commerce and B.Com/M.Com.

Introduction of GST Course

The present government in the country has introduced uniform taxation throughout the country for better governance and taxation purpose. This tax reform also is aimed to introduce One India, One tax concept that will be adhered to and followed throughout the length and breadth of the country. The old tax method is no more followed, and this GST method is the one that every entrepreneur and business, be it small or big, profit or non-profit companies, need to follow. This has only given rise to the increase in demand for quailed candidates who can work on GST accounts platform. To cater to this increasing demand among organizations all over the country, the reputed institutes have come up with the GST lessons imparted through certification and diploma programs.

Significance of the course

Goods & Service Tax (GST) has been introduced in July 2017 and is simplified Direct Tax levied at every production process stage. The concerned parties are refunded the amount at different stages, with the final burden coming up final consumers. Several slaps are introduced like 5, 12, 18 & 28 percent that changes periodically and levied upon different goods & services. The reputed institutes employ experienced and qualified CAs to offer courses in this domain and practical sessions to interested students. The training also involves numerous live projects along with GST calculation, online returning filing process, yearly and quarterly GST returns.

What is offered through the course?

The courses are specialized modules in the specific domain and provide the students with adequate skills, confidence and knowledge to manage corporate taxes and to reduce tax liability. The courses do not need any advance preparation and also are flexible offering the candidates with practical mind-set. It is quite ideal for both the freshers and busy tax professionals. Following are the topics where the main focus is emphasized upon:

  • GST registration
  • Negative list concept
  • Declared list concept
  • Bundle services and its impact
  • E-filing of returns
  • E-payment of tax
  • Exemption offered to all Small Service Providers

What are the advantages of undergoing this course?

Businessmen, entrepreneurs, freshers and accountants can undergo this practical and comprehensive GST course. They can get to learn the new and mandatory taxation system implemented by the government. Since all the organizations, be it small or big, require adhering to the changes in the taxation system stringently, the demand for qualified GST personnel is very high. So, there are plenty of job opportunities that can be availed in the current market. Moreover, fresher and the experienced can get good pay package and better positions in big organizations.

The well-established institution is sure to offer practical training combined with live examples, thereby making learning GST an easy process.

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