Tips For A Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

Tips For A Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

At the end of the academic year, most of the schools invite parents to come and have a talk about their little ones’ academic year. Parents need not get scared about the invitation, though, as this is just an effort made by the school association to help their lad to evolve from his/her dilemma. Most of the conferences (10-20 minutes) are held under the absence of students but they make sure that they elevate the students profile every time they have a word.

So here are few guidelines we have assembled and would like to notify you about Parent-Teacher conference.

Few Common Answers Parents Need to Know

  • What if I don’t have the same tongue?

If you have any kind of inconsistency in communicating with the teacher either you can ask for an interpreter (for which you have to request before 24 hrs) or take one with you whom you feel comfortable in the conference so that you can fluently communicate with the teacher which is the most important of all.

  • Why is it important to attend a parent-teacher conference?

Teachers think that a better relationship between students’ home and school can improve his/her capability. Inviting you to the conference doesn’t mean that the teacher is going to complain about your child. She might also tell you whether your child is performing well or have any problem in studying because each and every child has his own way of learning or understanding things.

The child might also be going through any rational or corporal stress which he might be uncomfortable to share with the teachers rather than that of parents, which unfortunately lead to Childs bad temperament or not involving in social activities.

  • How involvement with the teacher helps to bring up your child?

Going to a parent-teacher conference is very important, as the parent should know how the child behaves in the class or school differentiating it from the ones at home.

You need to unify with the teacher in accordance to support your child for his bright future, as the teachers are trained to help each and every individual, inculcating good habits and developing ones personality which on other hand is a benefactor to your child. So the main role here is of yours, the more you involve the more you get from the other side, leading in the students unclouded future.

  • Do your Homework before you go for a parent-teacher conference

So before you go, just make some preparations beforehand, so that it will be handy for you to ask your Childs’ performance and behavior. What you have to do is, first have a talk with your child whether he/she wants you to talk to the teacher in case of a particular topic like whether he/she is weak in a particular subject. Make him comfortable so that he doesn’t get distressed and doesn’t communicate properly.

Secondly what you have to do is make a note of things which you personally want to ask the teacher like:

  • How is his/her behavior?
  • How can he/she evolve?
  • Does he do his/her work on time?
  • Whether he/she involves socially?

You can also ask many more questions as per your wish.

  • What to do when you are in the conference?

First of all do not be late to the meeting so that you do not miss your scheduled time for the conference alerts.  So when you are in, do not panic as your child might feel unconfident. When you start having a word with the teacher stay calm, don’t get angry or upset as both of you want the best out of your child. Ask all the important questions at the beginning and the rest after the teacher concludes. Ask explanations for whatever you don’t know or understand.

You also need to respect the teachers’ opinion and discuss it or otherwise the teacher may think that you agree and move on. After that make a plan with the teacher so as to improve your Childs’ performance; like ask for suggestions for his/her homework, behavior, building self-confidence, etc. and while leaving thank the teacher for her time and generosity.

  • What to do when you have finished your conference?

After you leave talk to your child about what was been discussed in the conference and tell him all the plans if made. Also make sure whether he is compatible with the plan, if yes make the plan in action and check on regular basis whether your child is developing or not. Be in touch with the teacher associated and this will make the child realize that his education is the top priority.

Tips for Teachers for Organizing a Parent-Teacher Conference

Since the schools have begun a new way of interacting with the parents it becomes a bit stressful for the teachers to handle since there are a lot of students. So we have found you few ways that may help you during a parent-teacher conference.

  • Prerequisites for the parent-teacher conference

When you arrive from your home, make sure that you wear makes you feel confident because an unconfident teacher can never properly communicate with the parents because the more you communicate the progress you make.  You can also send a pre-conference form so that parents can fill in their quires or ask anything and so that you can get help during the conference.

  • What you need to do during the conference

First, have all the information noted down relating to the student from his/her academic year to social activities. Then make the parent and the child comfortable so that they can communicate effectively. Always start with the strengths and then start with the concerns so that the child doesn’t feel discouraged and also end up with two or more strengths.

Make the balance of positive and negative points. Also include the student in the talk to make it more effective. Always remember that you and the parent are one team and want the best out of the student. When they make a leave thank them to attend the conference and appreciate the child.

So these were the tips for parent-teacher conference which will surely help you make your Childs future striking.

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