Patrick Lanning Oregon -Top Reasons For You To Attend Community College

Patrick Lanning Oregon -Top Reasons For You To Attend Community College

When it comes to academics and education, you will find that the 4- year college experience of students is not for everyone. Some students are not even sure as to whether they want to study or not. There are some students that look for an affordable education and it is here that a community college should be the first choice for such students.

Patrick Lanning Oregon- Understanding the benefits of community college

Patrick Lanning is the Campus President- Yamhill Valley/Chief Academic Officer of Chemeketa Community College in Oregon. He and his team of dedicated academicians ensure that students derive all the benefits of community college to prosper in life. The Patrick Lanning Oregon team of committed professionals have helped many students get the education they deserve without strain. He says that the following are the top benefits of students studying in community colleges-

  1. Money- For most students, money is an important factor that they need to take into consideration when they decide to study. They need lots of money to study in regular colleges and for this purpose they resort to student loans. However, the tuition fees of a community college is very affordable and so when they decide to study in a community college, they not only save money but also get the education they want.
  2. Flexibility- When it comes to studying in a community college, you will find that students get the chance to study at their own pace. They can study here and later make the salient decision as to whether they wish to invest their time or money in a college education.
  3. Financial aid- There is a common misconception that financial aid is only given to students that study at regular colleges. This is not true. Students that study in community colleges are also eligible for financial aid. There are several Federal Student Loans available for them.
  4. Balance School and Studies- You have the ability to balance both school and studies with community college. The community college is a good platform for non-traditional students like older adults and parents who did not get the opportunity or the chance to study when they were younger. They get the chance to balance family obligations and studies at the same time.
  5. Facilities like traditional colleges- Community colleges now give students the facilities and the networking benefits like a traditional college. This is why they are becoming popular among students today.

The Patrick Lanning Oregon team says that if you wish to study but do not have the time or the money for a four- year college program, you can opt for the two-year community college programs and learn at your own time and pace. You do not have to worry about costs as financial aid is available to you. You can balance your academic and domestic responsibilities if you have to look after children at home. Community colleges are widely popular and largely in demand in the USA today!

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