Everything About Personality Assessment Inventory Test

Everything About Personality Assessment Inventory Test

Personality assessment is very critical and important for the recruiters and hiring managers all over the world. These tests not only ease out the hiring process for the employers but also help in the overall development of the employee. These tests are of many kinds such as:

  • Clinical Psychology tests
  • Cognitive Development tests
  • Personality tests
  • Intelligence tests
  • Medical tests
  • Self-evaluation Tests

But the most used test to assess the personality of an individual is the Personality Inventory test.

This test involves checking the personality and psychology of the respondent or the candidate. Each statement or the item is ranked on a 4 point scale. It means 1 stands for “Not True at all”, 2 stands for “Slightly true”, 3 stands for “Mainly true” and 4 stands for “Very true”. This scale is used under multiple contexts such as selection and recruitment process, medical assessment, forensic test and psychology test.

These are further sub divided into 4 types. Mentioned below are the same:

  • Clinical scales – This is pretty popular among all the tests and is the most preferred one to measure the psychology of the respondent. The traits that are being considered are:
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Alcohol/Drug problems
    • Antisocial
    • Mania
    • Paranoia
    • Somatic concerns
    • Schizophrenia
  • Interpersonal scales – For these scales only two of the factors are considered which are also classified as emotional. They are as under:
    • Degree of warmth
    • Degree of dominance
  • Validity scales – These scales are very helpful in analysing the approach of the candidate. It is based on the following scales:
    • Inconsistency
    • Infrequency
    • Positive/Negative Impression
  • Treatment Consideration scales – These are those scales which state if a person needs a clinical treatment or not. These are:
    • Aggression
    • Stress
    • Suicidal tendencies
    • Isolation

Why are these tests developed?

These tests are further developed to create assessment tools which would help measuring the psychology of a candidate and therefore enabling the hiring managers to make the right hiring decision. The personality assessment inventory is developed on the basis of all the categories mentioned above. Also it is made sure that all the parameters are considered together but in a distinct manner. Only then the desired outcome can be achieved.

What are the uses of these tests to the business?

  • These tests measure personal attributes of a person.
  • These are particularly helpful to the business to make the correct hiring decision
  • Helpful in diagnosing clinical and psychological disorders
  • Helps in better understanding of the candidates
  • Helps in creating smooth and satisfying professional and personal relationships.
  • Helps in increasing the emotional quotient
  • Also very helpful in developing the overall personality

How are these tests conducted?

These tests can be conducted through questionnaires and multiple choice questions.

What is the use of the outcome of these tests?

The outcome of these tests depends on the information provided by the respondent. These are great tactics to plan and organize a treatment for the respondent.

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