Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

Alabama Real Estate Exam Prep

Behind a passing test score, there is a huge amount of effort required to do well on the exam. Real Estate agents make good salaries and thus it lures students to choose it as a career. If you want to become a licensed real estate agent in Alabama, then you have to take an exam and this exam is mandatory for students interested in becoming a broker as well as to those who want to become a salesperson real estate agent.

Are you looking for tips on Alabama Real Estate exam prep? If you are, then you have to check whether your preparation is going to really help or not. Go through our guide to see if you are preparing well or not and also learn how to study effectively.

How to get Alabama Real Estate Agent License?

The eligibility criteria to apply for Real Estate Agent license is as follows:

  • The candidate must be a US citizen.
  • He/she must be of at least 19 years of age
  • He/she must have a graduated high school or have a GED.
  • No criminal convictions are registered on him/her
  • He/she must not have had real estate license canceled in any other state (within last two years)
  • He/she must have completed a 60-hour pre-licensure course
  • At last, he/she must pass the Alabama real estate salesperson or Alabama real estate broker exam.

Preparation tips to crack Alabama Real estate License Exam

Using Apps

As we know, you can’t keep books with you every time. But, your phone is always with you. You can download certain apps that will help you in Alabama real estate exam prep. There are few flashcard apps like Studyblue, Quizlet, and Cram which can be used to read anytime.  We will recommend quizlet due to its function of syncing their app with their website which let us study flashcards in our phone.

There are some websites too where you can take tests or practice exams to know where you stand. It will help you in gaining confidence and excelling in the exam.

Exam Preparation Materials

You will find a lot of materials for your real estate exam preparation online. Some online courses for real estate license examination come with the money back guarantee meaning, if you will are unable to clack the exam, then money will be returned back.

Stay focused

One of the most important things is to stay focused while studying is to avoid any kind of distraction and if you feel distracted then install software to remind you about your studying schedule. Moreover, say away from social media as it can consume your most valuable resource – time.

Setting Targets

Challenge yourself and set targets according to your potential. Setting targets will help you in the long term. If you managed to achieve your targets, then there is 100% chance that you will be able to crack the exam.


The only necessary thing to achieve success in your real estate exam is preparation, which must be done properly or else you will be disappointed with yourself.  We wish you good luck for the exam. If you have worked hard for it, nobody can stop you from cracking it.

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