Are You Sure You Asked These Questions Before Donating To A Charity Organization?

Are You Sure You Asked These Questions Before Donating To A Charity Organization?

Keeping in mind the difficulties and hardships of comparing the different types of non-profit organizations, it makes sense for the donors to ask a few set of questions to ensure that you’re donating your money to the best organization. If you’re considering donating your money for the hungry children and their families in Israel through the, you can be sure that your money will reach the needy as soon as possible.

There are many who don’t have enough resources and time to look for the best questions that they need to ask the charity organizations. We have listed a few vital queries that you need to ask before donating your money to their funds.

#1: Will you charity communicate clearly about what they do and who they are?

If you find that the charity organization hesitates in speaking about its program, mission and vision, it will probably be also facing difficulty in delivering them. Rather, organizations which are clear about explaining who they are, what their goal is, what they’re trying to obtain are the ones that can be trusted. They should be having a singularity of purpose and they should be committed to their resolutions.

#2: Will your charity be able to define its long-term and short-term goals?

The organizations which have goals that can be quantified usually have no definite way of measuring success. How will they know they are successful if they don’t have any way to know? How will they be sure that you’re working towards some definite goal? The worthy organizations usually love this opportunity and it is only then that they know they’re working towards something.

#3: Can the charity tell the progress which it has made?

It is not worth being concerned about the issue. Only good intentions aren’t just sufficient about guaranteeing the level of charity. Would you buy a particular brand of toothpaste if the company owner can’t prove how it fights against cavities? Certainly not! Hence, they should be able to prove their progress by giving you statistics and details.

#4: Can you trust and rely on the charity?

Research reveals that majority of the charities in the country are not only extremely responsible but they are also managed in the best possible way. So this is the way we give away our money with confidence. If you have enough time, you should check with the IRS and the office of state general office. Seek the annual report of the charity organization.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is interested in donating money to a charity, make sure you ask the above mentioned questions so that you know your money is in best hands.

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