How To Pick The Right 11-Plus Tutor

How To Pick The Right 11-Plus Tutor

With the high number of eligible 11 plus tutors in the london area, the big question in many a parent’s mindsis: how can I pick the right tutor for my child? Obviously, the first step to take when looking for an appropriate tutor for your child is to check out some of the freelance tutors as well as tutorial companies in your neighbourhood. However, you should bear in mind the fact that any certified tutor or tutorial company that you might settle on ought to be a member of a professional body such as This is the only way you can be sure that your child is being handled by professionals.

The following are some of the methods that you can employ to ensure that you get the best 11-plus tutor for your child.

  • Word Of Mouth

This is an age-old and perhaps one of the most trusted methods of finding a reliable tutor for your child. You can begin by asking close family friends as well as parents of any Year 7 child, who might have already undertaken the 11- plus examinations successfully. Word of mouth is not only more believable and verifiable, but it is also one of the cheapest ways of getting whatever service you are looking for.

Since the parents or friends you will be seeking advice from may not necessarily have any direct connection to the tutor, they will be more dependable than any of the so-called “autonomous” website ratings, open testimonials or adverts in the media. After all, we have seen numerous media stories on large online entities like Amazon and TripAdvisor warning us to be extra careful about the rating reports that we read online. This means you can always feel your child is in safer hands if the tutor you hire has already successfully worked for a person well-known to you, than when you get a totally new tutor who has the best ratings online.

  • Through Proper References and Interviews

This is more or less the same as using word of mouth to get a tutor only that using references casts the net wider. You can actually get references from people whom you have never met before, so long as their credibility is verifiable. After taking the necessary references, you can go ahead to conduct proper interviews as well as thoroughly examine child protection records of the prospective tutors before you finally hire them. Besides the good references and personal interviews, it is also important to always trust your own instincts as well as ensure that the tutor is agreeable to your child.

  • Try Your Luck Online

Many parents will only resort to searching online once they are unable to find a local tutor who can professionally handle their children. One advantage that comes with online services by 11-plus tutors is the fact that location isn’t a limiting factor when it comes to shopping for the best tutor to handle your child’s tuition needs.

Contrary to the fears of many parents, it is always very easy to get a very good tutor online, if only you know how to go about it. Just ensure that you are dealing with a reputable tutorial company since such companies not only strictly interview their tutors on a face to face basis but they also closely keep an eye on their professional prowess.

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