How Is Elearning Effective?

How Is Elearning Effective?
Education is a process of studying to gain knowledge and learn skills in various fields. During this process, the one who instructs is called the teacher and the one who receives information/instruction is called a student. Types of education: Education system which has a standard and structured curriculum is called formal education. Example: Schools and universities which follow the traditional method of learning and learning that happens in an informal manner with 3D animations is eLearning. ELearning helps in understanding complicated topics like respiratory system with the help of animations for students to visualize the concepts. Let’s see more of its effectiveness in the points mentioned below:

What is eLearning?

It can also be referred to as web-based learning or online learning. Learning through the courses offered on the internet platforms or downloadable media is called eLearning. Classroom learning is called traditional learning. The major difference between E-learning and traditional learning is e-learning focuses on individualized learning. Every student’s learning and absorbing capacity is different. For example, let’s consider the Biology topic – Jaundice. It’s a disease where skin, sclerae, mucous membranes and body fluids become yellowish in color. This disease is also referred to as icterus. This topic covers the Causes, Types, and treatment of disease and Jaundice Symptoms

There are various types and treatment process for each which might be little confusing for students to understand in one go. Every student’s grasping power and grasping speed is different. So e-learning provides a versatile learning system and makes learning easier. How? Below are a few reasons:

Save Time and Money:

The travel time of students is saved. How? Since students do not have to travel to a physical place of learning like a classroom the traveling time is saved. Also, as there is no act of traveling, there is no traveling stress and money for transportation is also saved. eLearning is less expensive when compared to traditional learning.

Flexible and Focused learning:

When compared to traditional learning the cost of web-based learning is low. And since learners can attend classes from anywhere and at any time, it is flexible as well. Learning pace of every student is different as it depends on their grasping power and grasping capacity. Some students might understand the topic in the first attempt but some might not. So web-based learning makes, taking classes multiple times very convenient. Therefore online learning platforms help students to learn concepts at their own pace.

Easy understanding:

eLearning is individualized learning. Web-based learning is made fun and easy to understand. For example: Whenever kids get bored easily, they lose interest from the session and get distracted. Therefore to keep students attentive and interested in the topics, educators make use of colorful/creative images, 3D models, animated videos etc. Also, they conduct quiz and encourage students to participate. After every chapter educators conduct practice test or assignments which are provided for kids to analyze and improve in the final exams.

Positive environmental impact:

In electronic learning, notes, worksheets, assignments, books are available in doc and pdf formats. Online tests are conducted hence printing on paper for books and tests can be avoided. This leads to a paperless way of education. Since travelling is not required it reduces air and noise pollution.

There are many learning Apps which help you with online courses like BYJU’S which is India’s largest education company and is the largest k-12 learning App in India. It includes Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry courses which also provides Biology course like – DNA Structure.

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