The Three Most Common Computer Problems

The Three Most Common Computer Problems

PC support exists because not all computer problems are easily surmountable. Whilst, technically, most computer problems are easily resolvable, there is still very much a place for professional IT support. It would be easy to argue that as devices become more and more advanced the possibility of things going wrong concurrently increases.

With that worrying thought in place, here are three of the most common computer problems:

Sometimes your computer might just not turn on. There are all sorts of possible roots of this problem, many of them very simple. Check to see if plugs are in place, that your monitor is connected properly and that monitor brightness is not turned all the way down. If the problem isn’t easily identified, you can contact your IT outsourcing company.

One of the most commonly reported IT problems is lag. Lag occurs usually because a computer is limited on space, or the processor is burdened by too many programs. By going to run and typing “msconfig” you can identify the number of programs that are being run at start-up. You can also run a disk defrag and virus checker which might solve the problem.

Viruses and other kinds of malware cause all sorts of problems. They are, scarily enough, evolving all the time, however some computers are less vulnerable to viruses than others, e.g. Apple computers versus PCs. Make sure you have good virus protection which is up-to-date. If you contract a virus you can contact your IT outsourcing in London company for more help.

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