Will studying fashion lead to the right job opportunities?

Will studying fashion lead to the right job opportunities?

People choose to study fashion or clothing design for a number of reasons, but for many of them, it is essentially about being artistic and using the human form as a canvas. Fashion can be a way of expressing yourself, a way of changing how you feel through changing your outfit and a chance to use practical skills like sewing, but is this reason enough to dedicate years of study to it?

Well, the good news is, yes; studying fashion can give you a range of skills and knowledge that will open up a wide selection of job opportunities and career possibilities far beyond just fashion design.

Celebrate your creativity!

Tfashion-degree-programshe right fashion design course can help develop and encourage your own artistic talents, pushing your ideas and creativity as far as it can. Alongside this, you are sure to develop talents in stitching and pattern making for example, and learn more about textiles,colors and the different types of clothing. Most great fashion courses will also offer you on the job training and experience in the form of internships or the partnering of established fashion brands and businesses, all of which will look great on your portfolio when it comes to the fashion recruitment process.

There are other talents that you are likely to develop too, such as communication skills and being a team player, being thorough and detail orientated and being able to make the most of advancing technology, both on the design side and when promoting your work. All these skills will translate extremely well if you eventually decide that becoming a fashion designer isn’t for you. Let’s face it; that dream of becoming the next celebrated designer is easier said than done!

Possibilities elsewhere

Of course, working in fashion doesn’t necessarily have to mean being the next top name designer and studying fashion can open up other opportunities when it comes to building a career. For example, you can use all those skills and talents by moving into branding or fashion advertising. Being able to promote and market your clothing line is an important part of making the next big trend happen and allows you to be just as creative as designing the clothes themselves.

Alternatively, if spotting trends is a real skill of yours, consider becoming a buyer. This career path can be exciting and fast paced, letting you travel and see all the latest catwalk shows whilst predicting the latest trends and finding a way to bring them to the masses. You could also consider getting into fashion retail, where having good people skills, a high regard for customer service and bounds of creativity can really pay off.

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