Tips To Nailing First Impressions During Job interviews

Tips To Nailing First Impressions During Job interviews

You were invited for a job interview. Congratulations! That is already one step closer to your dream job.Now all you have to do is be there, let your personality shine through and impress the interviewers. It is not as easy as it sounds though, especially considering the popular saying, “First impressions last.” You hold on to that principle and think that you can never afford to screw up. Otherwise, it is goodbye to this one big career opportunity.

Remember that interviewers are humans like us. Though at first they might look intimidating, still, they have this soft side, which can relate to you. It is natural to feel nervous but do not let those jitters reign on you.

Nail that first impression with the aid of these tips.

Wear confidence

First impression is not just about what you say, it’s also how about you look.

As they say, respect is gained. If you want interviewers respect you then you must be the first one to show respect. Show up in the interview room prepared. Polish your shoes. See to it that your clothes are pressed. Your hair should look neat. Stand straight. Even when your limbs are shaking and your palms are sweaty, speak with confidence.

Arrive on time

If you must set your body clock weeks before your appointment, do so. Just see to it that you will be there at the office at least 10-15 minutes prior the start of the interview.If you are not familiar with the location of the office building, it pays as well that you visit it in advance. Familiarize yourself with possible and most accessible travel routes. You might get caught in traffic so you should at least have an idea on the volume of traffic in nearby roads.

Ensure that everything you need to bring and wear is prepared before you sleep so you wouldn’t have to run across the room to and from, looking for your things. The last thing you want happen is to rush into the interview room, exhausted and catching your breath.

Be cautious of your body language

You are observed the moment you enter the room. Having a confident body language will certainly help you to seek interviewer attention. Do not let your eyes rover around the room without even meeting the interviewer’s eyes. One strategy to finding out whether you may have annoying behavior you probably are not aware of, and which could hurt your chances of getting in is to record a video of in a mock interview.

From there, you will be able to see for yourself whether you are fidgeting, or perhaps looking too frightened. Then, you will have an idea which areas you need to work out. Is it the way you deliver your answers? Is it the fillers you keep dropping such as like? Is it your pace and tone when speaking?

Share compliments

Break the ice by throwing out compliments. you need not greet the attire of the interviewer. you can start by letting them know that you appreciate the office interior and atmosphere., Everyone likes compliments. That’s a good start to forging connections with and being remembered by the interviewer.

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