Three Ways to Boost Your Employability

Three Ways to Boost Your Employability

In the current economic climate, competition for jobs is high. Even graduates, who were once virtually guaranteed jobs, are now struggling to find work. If you want to stand out from the many other candidates going for your desired job role, it is important to make yourself as attractive as possible to employers. This requires you to market yourself well, have the skills they want, and can prove that you are a reliable worker.

People_meeting_purchased_compThere are several steps you can take to make sure your prospects of finding work are the best they can be.

Present yourself well

Presentation counts for a lot at every stage of a job application. Initially, you present yourself through your CV. Ensure that it is neatly laid out, contains all the points you want to get across, and puts the most important things near the top. Proofread it carefully to avoid spelling errors or, if you aren’t confident with this, get a friend to help. Each time you apply for a job, take time to tweak your CV and make it tailored to the specifications outlined in the job advert.

Usually, you should also accompany it with a covering letter. Do not use an obviously standard covering letter, as this tends to get applications thrown straight in the bin. Instead, tell the employer why you feel you are a good fit for this particular job and why you want to work for them. Also take the chance to highlight some of the most relevant things on your CV.

When it comes to the interview, make sure you dress smartly and present yourself well. Messy hair, stubble and scuffed shoes should all be avoided. Most interviews expect a suitable business outfit, even if this won’t be required in the actual job. If in doubt, dress smartly as this approach is unlikely to go wrong even if it was not strictly necessary.

Take a course

One of the most effective ways to enhance your employability is to expand your set of skills. This might open whole new career paths, or just make you a more attractive candidate in the direction you are currently taking. Many jobs now require at least a basic level of computer literacy and some require advanced computer skills. This makes IT courses a particularly useful option. Many courses in all areas can now be studied online. For example, if you want to expand your computer skills then a range of courses can be found at


For the vast majority of jobs, few things are more useful than experience. Even if your experience doesn’t relate to the job you are applying for, it is still valuable to have experience of a working environment. Voluntary work is one of the best ways to obtain this if you are looking for your first job or haven’t worked in a while. Having a voluntary role is also a good way to obtain references. Many employers ask for references as an essential part of an application. Most will appreciate having somebody they can contact to ensure you are a reliable worker.

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