The Advantages Of Pursuing A Social Media Job

The Advantages Of Pursuing A Social Media Job

There are different types of media that businesses use to put out word for their brand and with internet becoming a major decision changer for businesses, social media has become one of the most cost effective and easy to use forms of media for advertising, branding and similar activities. 

In today’s modernized world, every company uses social media to promote their services and products.  As a result, many new positions have opened up in the field of social media.


Social media has many positions and a variety of roles available, like writing social media content for a company website or to promote its business, making social media campaigns to increase the brand awareness, analyzing the effects of campaigns on the market and also developing social media platforms and applications.

If you are in search of a job in social media, you must know about social media platforms and have experience in using them. You should know how to generate original content and in certain cases, the ability to network with media entities on the internet.

Using Social Media:

If you want to work in the social media industry, you need to know about various social platforms .you should have a fair idea about their features and functions.

  • You should start using social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. use them on a regular basis and get a better understanding of what these platforms are meant for. You can connect to your family and friends with these social networking sites.
  • Use the features available on these sites and explore the functions offered by them. This will give you a good knowhow about the biggest social media platforms.
  • Regularly update your status, write blog posts and tweeting, sharing images will send a signal to your employer that you are an active participant in such platforms. This will help you in establishing your presence online.
  • Be careful that every blog or content you post must be unique as it is most likely that your content will be reviewed by employers to check its originality and the writing skills you possess. Make sure that the post is relevant to the type of hobby.
  • Another thing to remember is to stay well informed. Check the news and updates of the social media industry. This will display your passion about the industry to employers. You can subscribe to news updates and media related blogs to get this information. This will keep you updated of the latest trends, features and applications that are being used in the industry.
  • You can ask your friends or other niche individuals in the social media to stream to promote or share your content on their profiles and blogs. This will help you develop your marketing skills.
  • Networking is an important aspect of life. It will help you in a number of ways. You can expose your talent in the stream with networking with people of the same field. This will also promote your talent and skills to potential employers.
  • Lastly, but most importantly you have to search for social media vacancies and apply to the company’s website or the job portals’ website.  You can browse for jobs on the media company you want to work for. You can put your sample blogs and articles as reference and make employers understand how you can support and promote their company.

As companies grow their social media presence, so are the opportunities of working in a media company increasing. According to research, 73 percent of adults use social networking sites. They are so popular that the average American spends 16 minutes of his hour on social media.  With the rise in the use of social networking sites, even Fortune 500 companies have an online presence. Almost 77 percent of these companies are active on Twitter, and 70 percent are on Facebook. This has been steadily increasing thereby opening a pool of opportunities in media careers.

You can choose from many career options like:

  • Social Media Analyst
  • Social Media Strategist
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist
  • Community Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager

There are many advantages of pursuing media jobs like these. First of all, there is a plethora of opportunities in the social media industry today. With the new requirements and needs, there are a lot of career options in radio, newspaper, television, advertisement and public relations. Almost every company is in the phase of establishing their presence online. Thereby, there are a vast number of vacancies that companies are waiting to fill. All you need is a creative and dynamic personality and the right skills to get into this industry.

Moreover, you can use the social media platform, get inside this industry and explore your career options.

Author Bio:

The author is an analyst who has done extensive research on social media platform and the use of social media today.

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