Online K-12 Education: A Powerful Approach To Education

Online K-12 Education: A Powerful Approach To Education

Online K-12 education is a strong approach to learning and teaching as it makes the teaching-learning process effective. The need of online learning arose because of the ineffectiveness in traditional classroom learning. This online learning allows the students and teachers to study and teach in their own way, without any external pressure.

k12 - EducationOnline learning  or online education help the students to get the customized instructions anywhere in the world from instructors.  Online learning is such a learning system that has revolutionized the whole education system. This online learning system has made the learning easier and interesting for students. Due to this interactive ness online learning is also implemented in various schools. This is also known as virtual learning which is implemented along with the traditional classroom program.

Online learning program allows the students to learn according to their own convenience and at their own pace. Different students have different learning styles and it is important that the teaching style should match the learning style of the student so as to make the teaching –learning process effective. In online learning, teacher is assigned to the students according to their learning style. Besides this the curriculum and the course material is also provided according to the strengths and weaknesses of the students. This means the students get tailored course material which makes their learning effective and easier.

Why online K-12 education/learning is a powerful approach to education:

  • Online learning offers rich content: The course material provided in online learning is the blend of videos, textbooks materials and CD’s. This rich blend of content enables the online learning companies to deliver the content of every concept in a diverse way that matches the student’s learning style and that leads to quick and effective understanding and learning.
  • Advanced technology: The advanced technology allows the students to learn at anytime and from anywhere according to their own convenience. The lesson plans are given to the students timely and the students update their knowledge. The performance report of the students is also provided that helps the parents and teachers to judge the progress of the child.
  • Student–centered approach: Learning plan is designed individually for every student so that it matches the learning style of the student. Moreover one teacher is assigned to one student at a time by which a student can clear his/her doubts without any hesitation. This brings better results in learning and a great progress in education sector.
  • Socialize and discuss the other things: The students who have opted for online learning can discuss the other things also i.e., the thing besides their course via chat rooms. This allows them to interact with their friends and can clear their doubts if any, related to their studies. Students get the opportunity to talk to their instructors via online-chat, e-mail, and newsgroup discussions etc anytime, without waiting for the office timings.

Summary: Online education for K-12 grades is a powerful approach to education and therefore, is implemented by most of the schools and students.