Offshore Engineering Jobs: An Overview

Offshore Engineering Jobs: An Overview

The offshore engineering sector focuses on safe and profitable development of hydrocarbon resources. Major clients of this sector are oil and gas companies, contractors attached with installation or designs, companies and consultants conducting surveys and geotechnical investigations.

To meet increasing global demand oil and gas operators are vigorously searching for cost effective solutions to extract hydro carbon and they are also concerned about environment and health. To fulfill their requirements companies prefer high skilled professionals for jobs in offshore fields. Those with extensive experience in oil and gas companies can be involved in the research, analysis, development and implementation of various techniques that may help the company to be competitive and achieve desired outcome.

Knowledge and skills required to join this industry

Engineers specializing in mechanics, architecture, civil or any other subject may join this field as member of projects. Experience and their inquisitiveness to take responsibilities will help in career progress. Certain level of travel is involved with each form of offshore projects. Apart from academic qualifications skills needed for a career in offshore engineering are

  • Dynamic personality and ability to get on with people
  • Good communication skills and flexibility to adapt to any environment
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Technical knowledge and engineering practicality

Responsibilities of engineers in this sector

Engineers working in this sector are mainly concerned with designing and installation of oil production platforms, under-sea structures, pipelines, permanent and temporary anchorages and assessing the stability of sea bed. For performing these jobs an engineer has to study feasibility and develop concept; assess sites; formulate designs of foundations and structures; supervise the installation process and manage operations.

It is true that engineering roles in this sector are complex as they have to equip with dynamic environment. Most of the time engineers will be placed offshore, where challenges are really tough. Engineers will require through knowledge and specialized skills to perform any types of off-shore jobs along with they have to be self sufficient to face any kind of situation.

Roles in offshore engineering

There are worldwide scopes for highly skilled professionals in this field. Variety of permanent and contractual positions include

  • Offshore installation manager
  • Drilling supervisor
  • Pipeline engineer
  • Rig auditor
  • Marine coordinator
  • Maintenance engineer

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Development in the field of offshore engineering

Biggest development in this area of business is that they have moved into deeper water- ventures that are considered recently move beyond 2,000 metres to develop fields. Even offshore engineers are looking for new frontier areas like Caspian Sea.  High price of oil and shortage of resource pressed engineers to consider different sectors.

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