Major Reasons You Should Do A CISSP Certification

Major Reasons You Should Do A CISSP Certification

Youth has always been worried about their career contemplating which course would be right to opt. Are you also hunting for the best course that can assure you about great stability, reputation, good payout, knowledge and so on? Talking about the most talked about as well as most-sought after course, it is CISSP course.

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. To pass CISSP exam, aspirants have to cover eight cyber security and related domains as it is the pattern of this study.

  • Asset security
  • Communication and network security
  • Security operations
  • Identity and access management
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Security engineering
  • Security and risk management
  • Software development security

Prominent Reasons One Should Prefer CISSP Course

The industry experts, certified CISSP professionals, and exam trainers emphasize various reasons indicating why one should get enrolled for CISSP Course.

  • Widely Recognized – The CISSP is regarded as the most valued credential for most professionals. Moreover, the widely known platforms including P&G, IBM, Google etc., also prefer the aspirants having CISSP certificate alluding that the aspirant holds profound knowledge of information security and adhere to his/her profession.
    • For the US ISSEP regards CISSP certification as a baseline for the NSA
    • Studies say that CISSP certification is the most reputed
  • Increased Popularity – The popularity of CISSP course increases day by day as the studies show that more than 93, 391 people have enrolled for CISSP all across 149 countries as of now.
  • Great Pay Scale – Global Information Security and Workforce study unearths the fact that CISSP credential holder professionals pay-scale is 25% more than the non-certified counterparts. And CISSP professionals’ job holds number 4 in the top 15 highest paying jobs.
  • Stability Of Information Security Positions – Information security has emerged as the most stable professions in IT and this is why youth is developing great interest towards CISSP Certification.  
  • According to the study, more than 80% of cybersecurity professionals are hunting for the CISSP certificate holder candidates join their staff now.
  • 20% IT platform of all sizes are putting the best efforts quadruple their staff size adding CISSP certificate holder candidates.
  • Experts explain that barely 30% of security professionals hold confidence in their team that they would be able to detect data breaches.
  • Reports show that only 42% IT platforms believe that their teams can only tackle the minor breaches
  • Must-Have For Some Roles – Most companies consider candidates  who pass CISSP exam as a basic need to have since the CISSP certificate holder knows how to take handle any sorts of security threat.
  • Rate of Salary Hikes – IDC based study reveals that CISSP professional’ salary hikes more often in comparison with any other IT field’s domain.  
  • Evergreen Demand For Security Pros – The online business of all sizes are worried about their security as the ratio of hacker activities is increasing day-by-day. Businesses all around the globe are fighting hard to overcome security breaches. The CISSP certificate holders are being trusted to get over the plugging security vulnerabilities. CISSP course passed out are regarded as more competent and effective in comparison of IT professionals.
  • Great Career Opportunities: There is no dearth of job options in this field since a CISSP certification holder is loaded with great skills to handle a diverse range of sophisticated cyber threats and attacks. There are so many job roles that they can play are Asset Security, Software Security, Incident Management, Network Security, and Disaster Recovery among others.

And the list of major reasons does not get ended up with this since it is quite long. Though these reasons are enough to make you have an idea that why one should get enrolled for CISSP course from an authorized platform. In coming years, the demand of CISSP professional is going to increase so far.

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