How To Kickstart Your Real Estate Career And Learn The Trade

How To Kickstart Your Real Estate Career And Learn The Trade

Do you want to make a flourishing career in the real estate industry? Then, the first step to take is to learn the trade and master the ins and outs of this promising space.. To get started, here are the ways to kickstart your new endeavor and seize this career:

  1. Complete the required studies

First, make sure you meet the requirements before you undergo the necessary training. In Washington, you should be at least 18 years of age and possess at least a high school diploma or something similar. You will then have to complete state-approved education within 2 years to apply for the licensure exam. You could take these classes online or in person as long as they are Washington State Department of Licensing-approved. The course must have a 60-hour unit about Real Estate Fundamentals plus a 30-hour unit about Real Estate Practices. Once you complete this, it is worth preparing for the exam by reviewing and doing test prep courses. The 90-hour course is waived if you are currently licensed in a different state.

  1. Take your Washington Broker’s Exam

Before completing your coursework, you need to start as a student of a testing vendor like Applied Measurements Professionals, Inc. Follow the instructions provided there, so your school will be able to electronically submit your information to let them know you meet the requirements. You will then schedule an exam online, via mail or phone. Take the exam on the day you set it, or reschedule at least a day before. You will receive the score immediately after completion. Do not panic if you fail as you have 6 months to retake the exam. To prepare for your exam, you can go take washington real estate pre-license courses which equip you with the right knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam and master the trade.  If you pass, proceed to the next step.

  1. Apply for real estate license

The application is available online through the Washington State Department of Licensing. Fill out the form by following the instructions provided. You can mail it to the Department of Real Estate in Seattle or personally deliver it to the Olympia office. Do not forget to return the fingerprint card along with the form. The exam results are valid for a year, so finish your application before it lapses.

  1. Go the extra mile

There’s a plethora of ways on how to jumpstart your career, and you should not stop expanding your reach after you get your license. Go the extra mile and join industry events and networking groups. Find a mentor or get an internship. Set realistic goals and continue learning the latest trends in the industry. Mind your public image and get leads and clients. The more leads you have and the more potential clients you talk to, the higher the chances of raking in sales. Also, you can learn more along the way if you constantly expose yourself to the actual negotiations.

There you go– a brief guide on how to kickstart your real estate career. On top of your passion and drive, you have to think big and act big. Do whatever you can to embrace success in this field. Your determination and consistency can go a long way.

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