Is Working in the Oil and Gas Industry For You?

Is Working in the Oil and Gas Industry For You?

If you are looking for an interesting career, with exciting jobs that pay well and are plentiful we suggest that you take a look at working in the oil and gas industry. This growing sector offers many opportunities for those with the right skills and attitude.

Thousands of those who have worked in the industry are now reaching retirement age. Therefore, over the next decade the sector will take on a lot of new recruits. Now is definitely the time to consider a career in oil and gas.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the types of jobs you can expect to find available over the next few years.

Geologists and geophysicists

A high percentage of the jobs available within the industry relate to exploration. Looking for new sources of these two important fossil fuels is interesting work, which requires people with specialist skills, such as geologists.


Once deposits are found engineers set about designing and building the infrastructure and the rigs to extract it. Anyone with a relevant engineering degree can find well-paid and interesting work.

The industry needs drilling engineers, hydrologists and process engineers, but they are opportunities for other kinds of engineers. The petroleum engineering discipline includes reservoir engineers, subsurface engineers as well as equipment and mining engineers.


Both industries also need chemists. They carry out analysis as well as develop new petrochemical products.

Other skill sets

However, you do not need a degree to work in the industry. Support teams are at least as big as the core exploration and drilling teams.

Firms need cooks, drivers, divers, maintenance crews and welders to name just a few professions that do not require a degree for you to enter. If you already have experience in one of these fields, you can easily switch to the oil and gas industry. In most cases, doing so will considerably increase your salary.

Other professionals such as medical professionals, programmers, accountants, legal specialists, environmental specialists can also earn more by switching to this sector. Job security is also good for professionals who make the move..


Working in the gas and oil industry can be challenging, so it is not for everyone. Often you will be working in remote places, potentially in countries with very different cultures from yours. Sometimes you will need to work in places where political unrest is an issue.

If you work offshore, you are likely to have to spend weeks or months offshore. This means that you need the ability to work and live with others in harmony. Offshore jobs are not for everyone, but they are the best-paid jobs.

To work in the industry you must enjoy a challenge, be adaptable, able to manage all kinds of stress and be willing and able to learn new skills. If you meet this criterion, and have the relevant qualifications, you will do well within the oil and gas industry.

If you like the sounds of this and want to find yourself your first job within the industry visit this great oil and gas recruitment site. There you will find detailed information and advice about working in the industry as well as job adverts.

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