Is Working As A Chef Right For You?

Is Working As A Chef Right For You?

Currently there are over 250,000 people working as chefs in the UK and there is once again growing demand for people with these skills. The recession meant that some restaurants, pubs and cafes had to close, but once again, people in the UK are eating out more. They are doing so differently, but still seem to like the idea of eating something someone else has cooked for them, so it is fair to say if you become a chef, you should have good job security.

Chefs work hard

However, becoming a chef is not something you should do lightly. From the outside, many chef jobs look easy. In reality, being a chef can be quite tough.

You have to work long hours, and will often have to work under pressure. There is a lot to learn and you will have a lot of responsibility.

Consistency is Important

When you work as a chef you have to provide meals that are consistent and of a high standard. Companies rely heavily on their chefs, and are very intolerant of absenteeism amongst kitchen staff. Chefs have to be punctual and reliable to be able to find work in the industry.

Chefs cannot afford to stand still

Chefs can command quite high salaries, especially in places like London. It is possible to earn up to £70,000, but to do this the chef has to be good. The world of food is constantly changing with new cuisines emerging and fading away again. The best chefs are continually learning and updating their skills, so if you want to be a chef you need to be prepared to continue to study.

If you are interested in becoming a chef, the best approach is to start cooking at home at an early age and enrol with a good catering college.


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