Incredible Examples Of AI And Deep Learning In Practice

Incredible Examples Of AI And Deep Learning In Practice

You must have heard about terms like deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning etc., and felt like what are their use except in blogs or video contents. How could you make a machine to think like a human? And, why we need them to exhibit human behaviour? Well, I’m here to shrug off this misconception of yours. Here, we look at the real-life examples of deep learning which will assist you to envision the potential.

1). Enhanced Content Delivery:

Either you are an active pinner or never been through the website before, Pinterest offers an excellent space among social media platforms. The primary goal of Pinterest is the modification of already existing contents. In 2015, the company acquired Kosei, an AI company that masters in developing enterprise ML applications such as recommendation engines and enhanced content delivery. And now, machine learning has expanded its leg in almost every aspect of Pinterest’s operations. Covering from the spam moderations and content delivery to advertising campaigns like operations has become very easy to performed. Even it assists in eliminating churn from email newsletter subscriptions. What a cool technology.

2). IBM Watson:

IBM, a giant in complex enterprise and research application development, has managed to create new business models remarkably well. None of the products developed by IBM hold’s Watson like AI capabilities. It has defeated humans in Jeopardy as well! But. its journey is quite impressive in the healthcare industry. Watson has been implemented in various hospitals and medical research centres in the past few years to assist doctors in the treatment of several types of cancer diseases.

Apart from the healthcare industry, Watson has shown its potential in the retail sector to assist buyers. Now IBM is planning to provide Watson ML technology on a licence basis so that it could help enterprises to solve more complex problems.

3). Salesforce Expert CRM Tools:

Salesforce has emerged as a titan of the digital world, with its stronghold in maintaining CRM based applications. It has reduced various marketing challenges such as lead generation, scoring, conversion etc., with its incredible Einstein analytics model. Einstein analytics model helps organisations to analyse every touch points of a consumer’s data used in Salesforce CRM software to create an elaborated consumer profile and recognise critical phases in the sales-buying cycle. Thus, it provides a clear picture of a customer to team, attracts more opportunities and helps in effective consumer services.

4). Boxever:

Boxever, an ML powered service based company increase consumer experience. It connects the data from your business to enhance the way you interact with your consumer. This way you can improve consumer engagement, increase revenue and deliver faster efficiency. It collects the travel data from customer experience, and its Introduction to Machine Learning finds new ways to make their journey memorable by analysing those data.

5). Google Maps:

Google implemented deep learning solution to its product- Google Maps in 2017 to enhance its serviceability. It can extract the streets, houses from the collected images of cars on streets with machine learning algorithms to improve accuracy in its search outcome. ML makes it possible to analyse over 80 billion high-resolution images obtained from street view vehicles, saving engineers time. It automatically fetches information from geo-located pictures with 84.2 percent accuracy rate.

Final Words to Take Home:


Well, these are the incredible works powered by machine learning algorithms which saves time and money for organisations. The biggest part is somehow it manages to protect human life. Various more features include voice and text-based search, face recognition in biometric authentication, translation, text generation, predictions, advertising and many more. Now if it sounds good and you want to become part of this league, you can go through the online tutorials, training, blogs and many more resources accessible 24*7.

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