How to choose Perfect Candidate in Interview

How to choose Perfect Candidate in Interview

getty_80608178_52112Choosing the perfect candidates to fill your job openings is a daunting task, but one that a skilled HR professional relishes. A lot can ride on choosing the right person for the job, so you must ensure that you make every effort to pick out the best candidate from the pool of hopefuls. But what exactly should you be looking for in the perfect interview candidate? Here are a few key qualities to  look for.

Fully Prepared

Nothing is worse than starting an interview only to find that the candidate has not prepared properly. When you interview candidates, you want to find someone who has done their research properly, who knows what you do at your firm and how you do it.

This could involve discussing recent products and campaigns you have worked on, previous successes, the name of your CEO, the company’s history and anything else that will show that they have an interest in your organisation.

Smart Appearance

Appearance is so important in an interview. If the candidate does not make the effort for an interview, what are they going to be like when you hire them? They may have the qualifications and experience, but turning up to an interview looking scruffy demonstrates a lack of effort on their part that is hard to ignore.


Confidence is a great quality. But how important is it really in the interview? Yes, it is good to have a confident candidate who can answer your questions and sell themselves. However, remember that some people are naturally nervous. You don’t want to lose a potentially perfect client with all of the skills and experience just because they get nervous in an interview.

If you can see that a candidate is nervous, help them along. Offer them some water and give them some prompts. A skilled interviewer will try to make them feel at ease to get a real sense for what they can do.

Good Answers

Receiving good answers in part involves asking the right questions. Plan your questions in advance, and try to make them unexpected so that candidates cannot just provide you with their memorised answers. Make the questions unique rather than just reading out a standard set of questions for each candidate. Don’t try to trick them as that might just make them nervous, but try to take them beyond basic questions as this will lead to more insightful answers.


Other than having the right qualifications and skills, enthusiasm is key. You want to hire someone who really wants to work at the company and who will give everything they have got. You don’t want to have to hire someone else in a few months because something better turned up.

Find Your Ideal Candidate

Don’t get too focused on finding perfection when you begin to interview candidates. You may have a list of 10 qualities and skills that you want in the ideal candidate, but you may not be able to find someone who has all of these. Instead, focus on choosing the best applicant even if that means they do not tick every single box. Priorities your requirements in order of importance, and choose the person who is most suitable.

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