Different Ways To Test The Programming Skills Of Candidate

Different Ways To Test The Programming Skills Of Candidate

Information technology sector is known as the world biggest marketplace for the people having sound technical knowledge.  But, for the corporation hiring a programmer is a struggling task especially for the people who are not from the technical background. There are too many candidates to filter on and selection for the suitable candidate is not an easy task. Most of the time candidate reach to the interview stage but not aware of how to write simple algorithm or program. These type of problems usually outbreaks the process of many information technology based companies.

Whether it is a small organization or a large company or else they are recruiting for C, Python, C++, Database, Java or other technical platforms. Their recruitment processes are too inefficient and time-consuming. The ultimate goal of the theses processes is to find the programmer, not a programmer with genuine skills. Though, there is not a sure success of the process but there are some techniques one can use to handle the struggle of recruitment. Here are these three approaches to hiring right:

Online tests:  To find out the right candidate one can use online test. So many organization use aptitude tests for web developers hiring, however, it will be shocking to know so many people claim to a good programmer can’t even write one piece of code efficiently. So this skill based hiring process can help to filter the clueless programmers. One can provide a simple screen tool to the candidate to write program code for the simple problem.  An online compiler can execute the code and can evaluate the structure of the program.  This is the best way to get the results rather than asking questions on the phone.

Give real time project: Once their coding level is known, a further process can be done through real time project. By giving candidate small component and telling him to extend that component on the specified API can help to know their concept knowledge. Once the exercise in over one get to know how the candidate will manage the resource, time and handle the multiple files at the same.

One can give the sample or tell them to generate code. By telling the candidate to generate both problem and solution, one can get the better picture of problem solving and communication skills of the aspirant.

Check for organization fit: candidates those gone through the process and cleared all the stages successful can be selected after cultural fit assessment.    This assessment is used to check the passion, cultural alignment and decision making of the candidate.  Check candidate team building approaches, area of expertise, communication effectiveness and presentation skills.  Always make sure candidate is judged by the fundamental standards not by their interests and hobbies.

Probably, after getting all the information, no one will go for direct recruitment process as it just increases overhead of the process. But if someone still using the same approach might end up by finding a programmer who can only write simple code.

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