Types Of Backroom Fashion Jobs

Types Of Backroom Fashion Jobs

The majority of fashion jobs are front of house roles. Over fifty percent of the people who work in the fashion industry work in retail.

However, there are a lot of other backroom fashion roles that pay well and provide interesting work. To qualify for many of these you need to have first worked in the fashion retail sector, so if you are interested in working in fashion getting weekend work in a clothes outlet is a good starting point. The younger you are when you do this the better, because it means you can start to apply for more interesting jobs early on in your career.


Some of the most interesting roles are in fashion design. If you want to work in this field, you will need a good fashion degree. It is hard to break into this sector, so you will need to work hard to get noticed and do things like help out with fashion shows for charity and make your own clothes.


It is far easier to get into the manufacturing side of fashion. However, again you will need a fashion degree to secure most of this kind of work. Some people get into this sector with an art or business degree.

There is also demand for marketers. Again, because it is a very competitive industry most employers want their marketing team to have a relevant degree.

Distribution and logistics

One aspect of the fashion industry few people consider is logistics. This sector provides very interesting work. The nature of clothing means that moving and managing raw materials and finished clothing has to be done a bit differently. Fashion distribution is interesting and the skills you pick up working in the industry are highly transferable. Interestingly, it is still possible for people without a degree to break into this sector of the fashion industry.

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