Three Simple Steps To Fill your Catering And Hospitality Roles Quickly Online

Three Simple Steps To Fill your Catering And Hospitality Roles Quickly Online

If you work in the catering or hospitality industries the chances are, you are extremely busy. These sectors are extremely demanding in part because the level of work fluctuates constantly. One day you can be rushed off your feet and the next, you could have virtually no work at all.
Running this kind of business is extremely challenging, therefore, anything you can do to simplify things and speed up tasks such as recruitment is worth considering. Here is how we suggest you recruit personnel for your catering or hospitality firm.

Use the web to recruit

If you are still only advertising your jobs in catering colleges and the trade press consider changing this. There is nothing wrong with advertising in these places, but it is wise to supplement these adverts by also posting your roles on the web. In the UK over 80% of jobseekers turn to the internet when they are looking for work. Therefore, it makes sense to advertise your job roles online.
Even for somebody that is not particularly internet savvy, doing so is extremely easy. Naturally, the first time you do it, familiarising yourself with the process will take a little time, but after that you will be able to post your job adverts far more quickly. Typically, it only takes around 10 minutes to post any job to good quality job board. Visit the website to see what we mean. This high quality job board focuses solely on the catering and hospitality industries. Using their simple three-step process all you need to do is to select the advert template you want to use, fill in the details, pay for the advert and post it.

Online recruiting is faster than offline methods

The moment you hit enter and post your job it will become available and jobseekers will be able to see and apply for your position. This means that, if you are lucky, someone could see your job within an hour or so of you posting it and apply. As soon as you get two or three applicants who are suitable, you can begin the interviewing process. Some firms find that they are able to find the people they need within just a day or two. With off-line methods, the process of recruitment tends to take far longer. This is especially the case if you choose to post your job adverts in the trade press or newspapers. Waiting for the publication to go to press wastes precious time, especially when you need to make a quick hire.

Recruiting online is more efficient

If you use a job board which specialises in advertising catering or hospitality jobs, a higher percentage of the applications you will get will be from people who are suitably qualified. This means that you will not have to waste hours trawling through applications from people who do not have any prior experience of working in the industry.

The people you recruit this way are far more likely to be able to hit the ground running. They should need less training and have a better understanding of what is required of them, meaning that they are prepared for the demands of the job and will not want to leave after just a few days.

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