How To Stand Out On A Job Board

How To Stand Out On A Job Board

If you work in IT by far the best way to find work is to list your CV on a job board. It is something that a surprising number of IT professionals do not consider doing when they are looking for their next contract. They know they exist and turn to them when they want work, but tend to use them only to carry out job searches.

Many simply assume that posting their CV without mentioning their IT skills on an job board is a waste of time. They figure that everyone does it, so they will be just one CV amongst thousands. Whilst it is true that there are lots of CVs on your average job board there are often a lot less than you think. As we said, many professionals do not list their CVs, so there is less than you think to compete with.

Make Yourself Stand Out

Even on a busy job board, it is possible to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You just need a different CV from the one you would use if you were applying for a specific job.

First, you need to list all of your qualifications and experience. If you were applying for a specific role you would normally only list those qualifications that are relevant to the job you are applying for. It is wise to update any CVs you post on an IT job board on a regular basis. If you complete a project or course, add that to your CV.

Try to bear in mind how firms who are looking for personnel will actually use the CV search facility on an IT job board. For example, would they use acronyms to search for qualifications or the full-length versions? By including both the full name and acronyms of your qualifications, you could significantly increase the chances of your CV being found.

If possible, provide somewhere else prospective employers can go to find out even more about you. Some job boards allow you to provide a link to your Google + or LinkedIn account. Employers are going to try to find out more about you online before contacting you anyway, so it is better to provide them with the tools to do so. That way you know they will be looking at the right Network Manager called John Smith from London. Again, maintain these profiles properly. If there are examples of your work or press clippings about your work include links to these on your CV.

Make Sure you are Contactable

If you are not actively looking for work, it makes sense to take your CV down. The most annoying thing for a HR manager is finding a candidate only to find out, when they contact them, that they are no longer looking for work. At the time, this is not much of an issue for you, but should that same HR manager see your CV in a month’s time when you are actively looking for work they will just skip over it and move onto the next candidate. It is also important to use an email address that you check several times a day. Replying quickly to any interest will significantly improve your chances of securing work.

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