Fashion Jobs To Consider – Sales and Marketing

Fashion Jobs To Consider – Sales and Marketing

The fashion industry is a very interesting one. Across the world over 7 million people work in fashion, and in the UK there are several hundred thousand people employed by the industry. Currently the industry adds £21 billion to the UK economy. If you are looking for an interesting career, the fashion industry is a good choice. There are lots of jobs to choose from, so most people can find work that they will enjoy within industry.

An interesting sector to get involved in is sales and marketing. These fashion jobs are well paid. Those with good skills can progress quickly and find jobs that come with a good package of benefits. If you are interested in working in sales and marketing here is an overview of what you need to know.


It is possible to start work in sales and marketing without having any formal qualifications. However, if you choose this path your choices will be limited. The majority of thesales jobs available for those without qualifications are in retail outlets. These jobs are not particularly well paid, but they can be a stepping-stone to better opportunities. Workers who show a flare for sales are often offered the opportunity to train and gain qualifications that offer them better pay and career prospects.

Those who want to work in this area really need a marketing degree and some experience of working in fashion. It makes sense to work in fashion whilst studying for your marketing degree and to consider taking a fashion or retail degree as well.


The amount you earn is directly tied to your qualifications and experience. Those with good qualifications and a few years of experience can easily earn £30,000 – £50,000 working as a marketer for the fashion industry. They can also find work with an outside marketing agency, so it is a good career option.

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